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Carla Tinagli - 29/03/2016
Remodelling treatment

More and more cosmetic remodelling is happening today during vacations on beauty farms. Often the hectic schedule of daily life leaves one no time for oneself. A break, even for just a weekend, is a chance to dedicate time to your appearance and overall well-being and you can do this in a place that provides privacy and protection from prying eyes.

Moreover, it’s the centre itself that guarantees the professionalism of their doctors. It goes without saying that this is important in a world where reliable and trusted cosmetic medicine is not always available.   In fact, many spas are equipped to offer a wide range of cosmetic options performed by a qualified specialist along with massages and thermal or detoxification treatments. Medical-cosmetic treatments are often requested by guests because their stay offers the chance to see immediate results and undergo as many treatments as they need.  Also, guests feel safe and secure knowing they can count on the on-going support of the centre.

Treatments are usually done the first day, so that, if you by any chance develop any swelling or bruising, you will have enough time to recover and return home in perfect shape. The most popular treatments are injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin (Botox) which are used as a filler or to stimulate the formation of elastic fibres. Some other treatments are also really appreciated, such as lasersradiofrequency treatmentspulsed light treatments and skin exfoliation and lightening peels. In other words, any "soft" and non-invasive procedure can be done while still enjoying a relaxing holiday. On the other hand, you should avoid procedures requiring a surgical operating room and their accompanying facilities which a spa cannot provide.  

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