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What is YOUSPA?

The Path to Wellness around The world

  Wellness creates harmony and balance in our lives in a way which is both beneficial and constructive.

There are many paths towards wellness and it's important to chose the right one for YOU. The right direction in which to travel, a direction which reflects your desires and needs and which affords you the flexibility to adapt and evolve, with time, in line with your constantly changing needs and lifestyle.

YOUSPA offers you an ideal opportunity to find your perfect SPA solution just about anywhere in the world. YOUSPA’s objective is to populate its database with every single SPA in the world, whether big or small. A powerful search engine with over 100 search parameters. If you want you can also share your experience with other visitors to the site, in order to help them find their perfect SPA experience too. 

The SPAs of the world are like a large group of wellness islands, an immense archipelago expertly connected by YOUSPA. A specially designed path which allows you to travel around our archipelago, in order to find your perfect SPA solution. YOUSPA is the starting point of your journey. A search which sends you on the right path of discovery and better understanding. A path which will help you to decide which port to set sail from and which port to arrive at. This is a platform which aggregates and shares experiences, where demands meets supply and allows you to discover your personalized path to wellness in the clearest, simplest, most effective and trustworthy way.


Marta Cristiani & Regis Boudon-Doris

Why should I sign up to YOUSPA?

Registering with YOUSPA allows users to get the most out of the search engine, to tell our team about a SPA that isn't in our database, to write a review of the experience lived in a SPA and to benefit from the services and opportunities offered by YOUSPA.

To register click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right and fill in the form in every voice.

How can I become a YOUSPA Certified User?

To become a YOUSPA Certified User enter to your YOUSPA profile and click on the button "Become a Certified User".

What are the advantages for a Certified User?

Being a YOUSPA Certified User allows you to be part of the YOUSPA Community and to enjoy many advantages: 

  • your reviews are highlighted and put on top;
  • you can enter in direct contact with SPAs in case of any controversy on your review;
  • you are entitled to special promotions and services;
  • if you are a Spa Manager or owner, you will have the possibility of adding your SPA to YOUSPA or to manage a SPA card which had already been added to our database.

How can I write a review?

Writing a review for YOUSPA is easy. Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Look for and select the SPA you want to review from our database.
  2. Once you have found the profile of the SPA you want to review, click on "Write a review".
  3. Fill out the form including: score, title, review, type of visit, date of visit and any other information you think may be relevant such as the services you used and any photos you took.
  4. Remember to select the check box to confirm that your review refers to a real experience then click Send your review.

Once you have sent your review the title will appear on the Reviews page of your profile and will be marked as pending. After a few working days your review will be checked carefully by our team prior to approval. 

YOUSPA limitation of liability
Reviews published on YOUSPA are personal opinions and are therefore totally subjective. The opinions expressed in the reviews come from members of the YOUSPA community and not YOUSPA itself.

Why some reviews take longer to be published
Reviews are usually published within 24 - 48 hours. However, some reviews may need to be checked more carefully. In these cases publication may take a few weeks, especially during high season. As part of our free service to those for whom wellbeing is paramount, we do our best to balance quality and speed of publication. Our decisions are based on what our users find useful and relevant.

Some reviews may take longer to publish because they include content that does not comply with our publication regulations. 

If a review is considered unsuitable for publication the author will be informed via email. At this stage the user may modify the review or re-write it in compliance with our publication regulations.

Review publication regulations

We have put in place some regulations for the publication of reviews so that users can trust what is written and make the right choices.

Reviews must be

Suitable for all
All content published on YOUSPA must use language that is suitable for all readers. Hence we will not accept obscene or threatening material, racist comments, hateful insults, sexually explicit language or any other content that is considered unsuitable for our community.

All common profanities (known to users) are forbidden. Reviews or messages that contain intentional (or unintentional) spelling mistakes in order to avoid content filters as well as acronyms of improper phrases will also be removed.

Reviews and messages that promote or request advice on illegal activities will also be removed. These include the purchase or sale of illegal substances (according to the laws in the country concerned), the provocation of minors, the circulation of false ID, the purchase or sale of pirated products including CDs, DVDs, video games and any other fake product and the smuggling of products through customs or via the corruption of officials. Reviews containing content relating to local regulations, SPA regulations or non-criminal activity will not be removed.

Images that represent death, serious injury or violent criminal activity are not permitted. Reviews that include personal experience relating to death or serious criminal activity will be examined on a case by case basis.

In the event that a tragic event had a direct effect on a stay in a certain destination (for example a natural disaster or situation that caused the closing of roads, airports or accommodation) discussion will be permitted in the relevant forums, subject to the usual appropriate language guidelines.

Written by real SPA users
We only accept reviews that describe personal experiences at a SPA or of the services offered. Generic discussions that don't refer to actual experiences will not be published.

  • We will not accept information that doesen't refer to personal experience (unverified information, information obtained from third parties or the opinion of others).
  • We will not accept reviews written by SPA owners or managers, including employees or third parties associated or connected with employees of the SPA in question.
  • We will not accept reviews written by suppliers that work for the SPA.
  • Anyone that enters into an affiliation relationship may not publish reviews on businesses of the same type (accommodation/restaurant/attraction) or in the same city or municipality or in any case within a radius of 10 kilometres.
  • We will not accept evaluations of or comments on aspects for which there is no real experience. For example, we will accept a review based on your experience with the reception of a wellbeing centre even if you decided not to stay, but we cannot accept a review of the quality of the sauna. 

Useful for users
We will not accept content that isn't relevant to the search for the perfect wellbeing centre.

Reviews relating to experiences with client services must be written within a year.

We will not accept the use of offensive or irrelevant language as regards client services (for example offensive physical descriptions or the use of inappropriate names). Abstain from the use of smear campaigns which are aimed at undermining the reputation of a brand or an individual or which encourage the community to do the same.

Reviews cannot contain opinions, discussions or comments of a political, ethical or religious nature.

We will not accept comments on other reviews, reviewers or management replies.

We will not accept questions directed at YOUSPA users (including SPA representatives).

We will not accept comments aimed at YOUSPA staff or comments relating to YOUSPA regulations. Questions directed at YOUSPA staff will be sent to the Help Centre and won't be published as reviews.

Photo publication requirements

We will not accept photos, images or material that are inappropriate or irrelevant to your experience at a wellbeing centre.

We will not accept duplicate photos.

We will not accept irrelevant or pointless photo captions.

Unambiguous and independent 
Only one review per visit is permitted.

How often can I publish a review?
You can only publish one review per visit. Users are permitted to publish more than one review in the event of more than one visit to the same SPA, but only three months after the publication of the last review.

Important note: to update an already published review please contact us.

We will not accept unverified information or information already cited or published elsewhere including (by way of an example) websites, email correspondence, other reviews and similar.

Without commercial purpose
We will not accept promotional material of any kind, including self-referencing URLs. YOUSPA reserves the right to refuse URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers at its discretion.

Associated with an appropriate location
The review must unequivocally refer to a business that satisfies the insertion requirements.

We will not accept reviews written by under 13s.

Validity of email addresses and standard email conventions
The email address associated with the account must be correct; we may need to contact you about a problem with your review.
We will not accept text that contains HTML tags or an excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS, dialect or symbols.

How can I certify a review?

At the moment of your registration as a YOUSPA User attach a valid identity document and all your reviews will be certified.

Privacy guarantee

Your certified identity will not be made public and is protected by privacy law. Between the reviewer and YOUSPA there is an agreement of reciprocal trust.

What is the advantage of a certified review?

The value of maximum credibility

As you are already aware, YOUSPA welcomes any type of SPA without access criteria, filters or judgement. Any SPA can present itself at its own discretion.

Hence every review that is published plays an important role in confirming (or otherwise) what has been written by the SPA and in guiding other users to choose the best SPA for them.

With this in mind, in order for those that read the reviews to be able to fully rely on what has been published it must be clear that the review refers to a real experience.

To ensure that what you are writing refers to a real experience at that SPA we kindly ask that you prove your identity.