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LOOKING AT THE FUTURE - Interview with Emilio Brusaferri
After 2020, the time has come to discuss a year that has reserved numerous challenges. We talked about it with decision makers in the SPA, Beauty and Wellness market to whom we asked for suggestions and strategies for 2021.
Elisabetta Farneti - 14/02/2021

Emilio Brusaferri - Lemi Group

Since 1989 Lemi has been producing multifunctional beds, armchairs and cabins for the Wellness & SPA sector. It is established as one of the most significant companies on the international scene and, thanks to intense research and development, continues to impose new paradigms on the sector.

It's been 6 months since the previous interview. How has the vision of the future of the sector changed since then?

The situation we have experienced has undoubtedly contributed to creating a considerable psychological factor but, despite this, the movement is there and the market is ready. There is a strong desire on the part of customers to return to live the relaxing experiences in the centers and structures. Those who frequented certain environments can't wait to be able to relive those experiences of well-being that represent a fixed point in everyday life. The most important thing for operators in the sector now is to realize that the customers of the future will not have the same head as those of the past: today the desire of customers is not only to live a wellness experience but to live it feeling completely safe. . It is therefore of fundamental importance to make the structures places where hygiene, cleanliness and safety are constantly perceived already when the customer crosses the threshold, before, during and after the treatment.

Will this pandemic change the concept of well-being and the places dedicated to it in everyday life and on vacation?

In my opinion, this experience will help to expand the concept of well-being, since well-being and safety go hand in hand: customers will have an extra eye, pay more attention to details and will be more demanding than before. Following this logic, in addition to the structures, also the operators of the sector will have to adapt accordingly to this new daily life. It is therefore essential to train the operators on all the procedures aimed at enhancing the whole experience of well-being, creating a situation of trust and safety for the client who literally puts himself in their hands, as well as for the therapist himself.

The Wellness & SPA "decision makers", like you, in what will they have to invest immediately to harness and manage the changes generated by COVID-19?

As for the centers, as seen above, training is basic. While for us producers the challenge is to go hand in hand with the new regulations required. To maintain a high level of hygiene and meet professionals, we are committed to finding materials that make our products compliant and in line with the new needs of the market. We therefore evaluate antibacterial materials that guarantee easy cleaning, sanitizable, long-lasting and that above all are resistant to the action of aggressive products that are on the market, without the risk of damaging the upholstery of the bed or the mattress. The operator must give the guarantee to the customer and we as manufacturers must provide quality equipment that supports and favors the therapist's work.

Finally, same question as 6 months ago: optimistic or pessimistic and why?

I am still optimistic, because we have found the desire on the part of customers to return to live the reality that the market offers for body care and well-being: people want to feel good again. They want to feel protected, which is why the commitment of producers and professionals in transmitting safety is fundamental.

Elisabetta Farneti