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The rebirth of the Miramar Crouesty
Anne Autret - 26/04/2016
The rebirth of the Miramar Crouesty

This is one of the most luxurious thalasso & spa destinations in France. Moored in Brittany since 1990, the Miramar Crouesty underwent a great deal of change and polished its calling card.  

For the last 25 years, “The Passive Liner” has had an active retirement and has won its fifth star. This pearl and ivory white with hints of celadon and anise green flagship is anchored close to the beach in the Gulf of Morbihan; it is always bathing under a welcoming light and accommodates guests with its 13 suites and 100 deluxe bedrooms while always playing soothing melodies. Renowned for its cuisine, the food court features a new cruise atmosphere at the fourth level with a 180° view over the bay. With over 16 years of experience, Chef Christian Bourhis will create gourmet dishes and comforting foods using local ingredients. 

Thalasso & Spa has been entirely redecorated using the same soft and light tones. Located near the shore, the ship is home to 45 cabins with a surface area of 2500 m², three larger pools dedicated to care and activities, a smaller pool, a relaxation area, and a steam room.  In order to make your way to the new gym and seawater pool under a canopy, one must take a detour to the upper deck.

In addition to a range of cure spas and short stays, the hotel offers a wide selection of à la carte treatments – different types of massages from all around the world, beauty treatments, osteopathy, and acupuncture. Since the start of 2016, acculift sessions have been offered by the clinic’s doctor as an alternative to anti-aging injections. It is here that we can also find Dr. Roche’s treatment practice, based on his "ortho-energy" approach and comprehensive care of health.

Other new treatments being offered on this ship are: seaweed wrapping, custom facial care, and usage of fresh-water grown spirulina for its re-mineralizing, anti-oxidant, detoxifying, revitalizing, and regenerating virtues. Due to it being low in calories and full of micro-nutrients such as protein, it has also made its way in dishes as a breakfast booster. This innovation is being offered at the Miramar Crouesty prior to the world preview.

Anne Autret
I am a journalist specializing on the subject of beauty, health, fashion, distribution and marketing (luxury and mass market ). Previously editor and director of the information site (Aef group) for the general public, and of the professional magazine CosmétiqueSpa, editor and deputy head of the Fashion Daily News and journalist of the magazine.