Spa, Art and Well-being
Miriam Cristiani - 16/09/2015

Art is the universal expression of emotion, capable of surpassing ideological, linguistic and cultural barriers.
Art therapy, through creativity, can help in the search for oneself, for the world and for relationships, becoming an instrument of knowledge in the its own reality, in its own conflicts and in its own conflicts and its own solutions. Artistic creation has a high therapeutic value and allows old wounds and conflicts not only to emerge, but to also be cured through personal evolution.
Art, in its many forms, from painting to sculpture, from music to writing has a very high therapeutic value that links the three levels that characterise mankind: mind, body and soul. Human beings that express themselves through artistic outputs are involved in a total, deep and authentic experience capable of showing the most intimate personal aspects. Through a creative experience I can recognise myself, find myself and cure myself through light, play and simplicity in deeply well-being state.
The art and well-being course in a Spa is defined by many materials and different techniques such as water colour, clay, acrylic paint, mixed techniques such as collage and pastel crayons.
Art Therapy can therefore become a discovery of one's creativity and of its healing power elevating the benefits of therapeutic courses and chosen treatments. It's the occasion of this experience that gives us a new set of eyes with which to see the world and opens possibilities antecedently unconsidered.

Miriam Cristiani