Carla Tinagli - 24/03/2016

It's not just a diet. It's a wellness philosophy. Juicing is ideal when you want a detoxifying break from the everyday foods you eat. It can recharge your batteries and make you feel lighter and fitter. Juicing is a trend which has been popular in the United States for years. (Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Pompeo are some of its devotees). Recently, it's become available in many wellness centres.

What’s actually involved? Juicing means temporarily replacing everything you normally eat with fruit and vegetable juices rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It does not mean having blended drinks or smoothies. Rather, it means drinking juice made from raw fruits and vegetables which are cold-pressed to keep all their nutritional properties intact. These raw juices are made as much as possible with local seasonal and organic products. Fruit and vegetable ingredients are combined in ways that produce maximum beneficial effects and complement each other in terms of taste, colour and nutrient content. Improper combinations of ingredients can, in fact, produce undesired results. So, it’s essential to respect any recommendations with regard to juice composition or use.

You can follow a one, three or five-day juicing regime during which you drink six 500 ml bottles of juice during each 24-hour period. You drink the juices in a precise order as specified on their label, packaging or accompanying instructions. The juices are all taken between seven in the morning and ten in the evening. Depending on the time of day, the juice you drink can range from having a detoxifying to energizing or relaxing effect. Since the juices are raw and unpasteurized drinks made with fresh foods, you have to consume them within three days of their preparation date.

Carla Tinagli
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