Australian bush flower essences
Carla Tinagli - 15/03/2016
Australian bush flower

You could call them a kind of flower therapy 2.0. Australian bush flower essences are an evolution of the Bach flower remedies which date back to the 1930s, and the first to take advantage of the power of flower essences to affect the emotions. “Times have changed, today you find yourself dealing with certain symptoms such as anxiety and stress, which did not exist at the beginning of the last century”, says Erica Savioli, naturopath and flower-therapist.

"In Australia there has always been a great tradition in this area. The air is particularly pure and, given the vastness of the territory, the climate is very varied. That is why Ian White, an expert and scholar in the field, was able to identify sixty-nine flower essences that could counteract these contemporary issues." First arriving in Italy only a decade ago, Australian bush flower essences had already become popular in the English-speaking world. Today they are sold in pharmacies and health food stores, and are also used in many spas. "The benefit of Australian flower therapy is not so much in its active ingredients, as in its energy intake and emotional vibrations that are reflected in the human body, modulating their activity according to the person's needs”, in the words of experts. "The essences can be taken individually or already combined depending on the symptom that you want to treat."

These remedies present no contraindications and can be administered to all, including children, at least for two weeks in a month, but also for much longer periods. What are some examples of indications? There are flowers that help to recover energy, others that act on stress, jet lag and PMS. There's even a remedy for people who use technology a lot, which can shield you from electromagnetic radiation and protect your eyesight.

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