An alkaline diet: a wellness programme
Carla Tinagli - 02/02/2016

One of the advantages of a spa stay is the possibility to learn how to have a healthy and balanced diet. One of the diets suggested in this period (even if researchers are still investigating evidence that support it from a scientific point of view) is the alkaline one, that detoxifies the body from waste produced by acidic foods rich in animal proteins. On the contrary, this diet emphasizes all the alkaline (or basic) foods, which are the whole ones (fiber-based), fruits, legumes and seasonal vegetables.

Of course, we’re talking about some dietary advice that should be implemented under the control of the competent doctor and as such it may be useful to test it in a suitable structure such as a specialised wellness centre which provides any kind of assistance on the subject. “The blood has a slightly alkaline pH (a little higher than 7) and it should remain around that level”, says Nicoletta Bertolini, dietician at a famous Venetian spa that recommends the alkaline diet as part of a wellness programme. “Priority must be given to vegetable proteins, limiting the animal ones”.

It’s a way of eating suitable for those who want to purify their bodies from the acidity of some foods which are toxic to cells. An alkaline diet naturally supports a healthy lifestyle, combined with drinking lots of water and physical activity. “One of the key benefits of this menu is that it keeps acidosis (the acidity of the body) away, a characteristic that in the long term can lead to osteoporosis, kidney fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion”.

The problem is that this way of eating limits the consumption of many habitual foods, which are considered acidic. The most common of these include: refined sugar, meat, dairy products, caffeine, salt and refined flour. “The ideal diet should be alkaline for the 60%”, the dietician concludes.

Carla Tinagli
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