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Sauna or steam room?
Carla Tinagli - 26/01/2016

In this cold weather who wouldn’t want to experience the dry heat of a sauna? It’s a great way of eliminating toxins, strengthening the immune system and promoting muscle and mental relaxation. The temperature is very high (about 80 degrees) and the air is certainly dry. The sauna causes considerable perspiration which is also great for your skin, giving you a suppler, smoother and more radiant complexion.

As well as having great benefits, saunas can have wearing effects on the body. In fact, to endure a sauna session, you must be in good health and do it in moderation respecting the rules of exposure. If you suffer from cardiovascular problems or any other specific condition, it is recommended that you avoid using the sauna.

The Bio-Sauna is much more mild and bearable, a modern development of the sauna which has a more moderate temperature (around 70 degrees), stimulating perspiration and skin renewal without causing stress to the body.


A steam room is more appropriate if you suffer from low blood pressure, since it has a much more bearable temperature of around 40-45 degrees, and a humidity level of around 90%, effective for ensuring that your respiratory tracts are functioning well.

This treatment is often inspired by the oriental hammam (Turkish hot water spring or thermal bath) which consists of a gradual bathing process: you start in the tepidarium, a room of 34 degrees, then you go to the calidarium, saturated with water vapour that goes up to 45 degrees. The next stage involves the exfoliation and cleansing of the skin with an exfoliating, rough hammam glove. Some facilities also perform a cleansing massage with olive oil soap. The process ends in the frigidarium, a warm bath at 28 degrees.

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