Safe Practice in Aesthetic Medicine
Carla Tinagli - 19/01/2016

There is currently a great confusion surrounding the world of aesthetic medicine, and that is namely that the skills of the doctors do not take precedence over more enticing factors, such as special offers, word of mouth or non-verified information. ­If, however, you decide to seek the benefits of beauty treatments by staying in a spa, such questions won’t arise, since it’s the responsibility of the spa itself to guarantee the professionalism of the doctor in question. In any case, it is best to check certain things before going to seek the help of an expert:

Educational background

In Italy there is currently no academic specialisation available for this field, as is also the case for other fields of medicine. However, it is important to verify that the doctor has attended one of the schools recognised for their aesthetic medical courses, which last four years in Italy and are located in Milan, Bologna and Rome.

Membership of a Professional Association

Membership of an association helps to provide an additional guarantee of professionalism, since such associations have to verify the competency and professionalism of their students and the selection process for membership is a very thorough one.

Ensure that the materials used by the doctors have been certified

The patient has the right to and should demand to verify that the substances used by the doctor are certified and safe, including any information regarding warnings about any potential side effects or complications. They should also be allowed to view the label on the phial used, checking the expiration date and the batch number. These are things that the patient needs to know in case any problems arise, or simply as something to refer back to in the event of further treatments.

Having an open mind and not being overly imposing

Your doctor should be available to answer all the patient’s questions and to listen to their needs, both from a human and professional perspective, without imposing his/her own point of view.     

Carla Tinagli
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