Salt as a treatment and source of well-being
Carla Tinagli - 31/12/2015

It is continuously repeated that, if used excessively in one’s diet, salt causes high blood pressure and cellulite. But few know that salt has a health benefit if used… externally.

In effect, the goodness of this precious element has been known since the days of Marco Polo when it was called “white gold”. This is evident every time one at the sea fully breathes the air filled with salt and trace elements. Halotherapy (derived from “halos”, which means “salt” in ancient Greek) exploits these principles. It recreates the microclimate that exists in natural salt mines in an artificial salt cavern, where you can enjoy some relaxing time.

Here, a special aerosol micronizes the salt particles. Once these particles penetrate the respiratory tract, they improve any type of problem such as rhinitis, allergies and asthma. And that’s not all. They also alleviate fatigue by increasing blood circulation, act as a draining, decongestant and antibacterial agent with regards to skin problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis.


It is not a coincidence that halotherapy has existed for many years now in Northern Europe. Everything began at the end of the 19th century when it was noticed that despite the hard work and poor underground air conditions, Polish salt miners were healthier than the average population. Today, salt rooms can be found in the most exclusive spas in Northern and Eastern Europe and they are conquering the United States. It seems that a forty-five minute session results in the same benefits as a three-day stay by the sea! 

Carla Tinagli
Journalist, she's been dealing with wellness, beauty and lifestyle for years. She collaborates with many newspapers and is always in pursuit of beautiful things and something that inspires you wellbeing.