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The Ways of Wellness around the world

Wellness creates a harmony and equilibrium in everything that surrounds us in a beneficial and constructive dialogue with life.
There are many roads towards wellness and it's important that the way you chose to travel towards it is your own, reflecting your desires and needs, which with time can change and evolve.
YOUSPA can find the perfect Spa in the world to meet your needs, as its plan is to populate its database with every Spa in the world, whether big or small. A powerful search engine with over 100 search parameters that will help you to find the right Spa to meet your constantly changing needs, desires and lifestyle. You will then be able to, would you wish to do so, to share your experience with other visitors of the site, in order to help them find their perfect Spa experience.
We consider Spas in the world like many wellness islands, an immense archipelago connected by the path Youspa allows you to travel on, in order to find the solution you desire.

Youspa is the starting point to search, understand and find out more, like a port to set sail from and to arrive to, a platform that aggregates and shares experiences, where demands meets supply and allows you to discover your wellness ways in the clearest, most simple and trustworthy path.

Marta Cristiani & Regis Boudon-Doris