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The power of aroma on well-being and the artistic perfumery
Carla Tinagli - 19/11/2015

The perfume world is becoming increasingly important to well-being. Often it is an aroma or, even, just the memory of it, to guide you along the path to good psycho-physical well-being in a spa. Perfumery universe does not just stand and watch, but evolves with the new trends and requests from the increasingly demanding and passionate consumers.

Recently, the thirteenth edition of Fragranze event was held in Florence, the show organised by Pitti Immagine and devoted to artistic perfumery. For three days in the event halls there were exponents of fragrances who came from every part of the world, fragrances that were all highly sought-after because of their use of high quality materials,  craftsmanship and packaging, so as to make them collectors’ items.

This year’s theme was the kaleidoscope of the olfactory senses, considering that the language of colours is one of the fundamental codes of perfume and general well-being. During the olfactory journey three trends were highlighted that will dominate the scene in the future. The first sees the scent associated with memory, the second focuses on seduction, resulting in mysterious and intoxicating fragrances, and the third is inspired by nature and uses raw materials that are environmentally friendly.

Carla Tinagli
Journalist, she's been dealing with wellness, beauty and lifestyle for years. She collaborates with many newspapers and is always in pursuit of beautiful things and something that inspires you wellbeing.