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SPA and Wellness Centers form A to Z
The Spa Alphabet – understanding and discovering the most important instruments for personal well-being.

This article is the first of a series to better understand the Spa and Wellness lexicon. Going in alphabetical order, we will explain in a step-by-step guide everything that distinguishes the different therapeutic courses inside the world of spas. Follow us on this journey and if you have any questions please ask, we'll be glad to answer them!


Aqua – Latin for water, the element that is the most vital and important for a Spa. Thanks to its transparency, its sound or its silence, its movement and its power it purifies us and regenerates us, allowing us to find serenity in harmony and nature.

Aquagym – Aquagym courses are no longer only offered by sports centres, but now also by Spas. This is a workout  standing in the water that everyone can practice. The benefits are many, like the prevention of arthritis, back related injuries, scoliosis, weight-loss, a rejuvenation of the muscles and last but not least a relaxation of the nervous system.

Aqua Motion – While immersed in body-warm water, swimming and moving is absolutely relaxing and is a wrapping and emotional atmosphere. A deep relaxation with music, light effects, colours and images that can transform the surroundings into a place of pure well-being.

Aromatherapy – This is a therapy based on the beneficial effect of oils and essences extracted from flowers, leaves and roots. These oils are used by Spas for water massages, inhalations and manual massages. These essences on contact with the skin and when breathed in act in our psychic apparatus stimulating positive energy from our body.

Ayurveda – This ancient practice comes form India and is the oldest method of natural medicine. According to this science, the unbalance between energy forces that regulate our body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) represents the cause of our health problems. To detox the body and favour a new spiritual equilibrium that can heal, certain spas use medicinal herbs, synchronised massages, steam baths and the pouring of oils on the forehead. It is also important to follow and Ayurveda diet.