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A suggestive renovation, curated by bbspa & group, has allowed the creation of a panoramic Water SPA Suite, on top of the tower of the “Sanglier del Ardennes” resort in Belgium.
Elisabetta Farneti - 11/11/2020


The project has transformed the two rooms located in the tower next to the SPA, into an area totally dedicated to water and relaxation. However, the changes did not compromise the value of the tower: they maintained and further enhanced the view of the medieval town of Durbuy, its castle, the riverside and the surrounding landscape of great value. Another challenge faced by the designers was to be able to create a very bright, panoramic but well protected space, given the particularly harsh climate of the region. Commitment completed very well.

The intervention

During the redesign, the space was completely "emptied", keeping only and exclusively the structural columns and the wall perimeter of the tower. Subsequently, in order to create a true water wellness path, the space was divided between various activities :

- Hydrorelax pool

- Jacuzzi

- Watsu bath with salt water

- Cold water tub

- 2 sensory showers

- Panoramic relaxation area

The result is an area of total well-being, set in a unique and suggestive landscape. An intervention that has expanded the value of the structure, adding important skills to a resort that focuses on hospitality of great value.

The work of bbspa & partners

The bbspa team is highly specialized in tailor-made SPA concepts and projects.

bbspa brings to the field a 360 ° management consultancy that expertly doses creativity and rationality, embracing the entire consulting process in the Wellness & SPA sector. The professionals involved are selected from time to time, combining their expertise based on the peculiarities of the concepts to be elaborated and developed, thus guaranteeing the best possible result. The bbspa engineering sector aims to achieve maximum managerial efficiency in the architectural and plant design of the SPA. This is thanks to cutting-edge management and technological solutions, with particular attention to sustainability.



  1. Analysis & site visit

The team identified the strengths and weaknesses of the structure through the analysis of the spaces and the evaluation of existing technologies. The goal: to collect all the useful elements to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the reality of the SPA.

     2      - Diagnosis and optimization plan, layout and all the technologies of the DRY Area

The intervention wanted to make the area as performing as possible therefore, after the diagnosis and dialogue with the management of the structure, an intervention plan was proposed to arrive at an optimally set Dry Area, in order to guarantee a service of a high standard with the highest possible profitability.

      3      - Diagnosis and optimization plan, layout and all the technologies of the WET Area

The Water area is one of the most complex areas of the SPA for Layout and technologies. Also in this case, after diagnosis and dialogue with management, an intervention plan was drawn up to make the "WET Area" a strength, to expand the level and value of the services offered by the structure.

      4      - Diagnosis and optimization plan for air, water treatment and energy management systems

The network of bbspa specialists then developed an intervention plan to ensure the well-being of the people who attend and work in the SPA.

Elisabetta Farneti