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From emergency to restart - interview with Julien Patty
Together we will start again
Elisabetta Farneti - 26/07/2020

Deep Nature - Since its creation in 2004, Deep Nature's mission has been to translate a concept of spa into a commercial reality. Creating a Deep Nature Spa or Thalasso does not only mean building a building, but also giving a human touch to / the architecture of the Spa.

What initiatives is your company considering to get the business off the ground?
Our current goal is to analyze governmental and administrative provisions, which may also be different, those of our hotel partners and trade unions. We have seen that in some cases the indications are contradictory and inapplicable. Our main commitment was therefore to summarize this information in a clear and concise document and to communicate it to our employees and partners.
Are you considering new products or new services to modify in connection with Covid-19?
No, only adjustments in customer care.
Speaking of training, what do you think is important to set the goal at the moment?
Communicate and train our staff on new procedures. We insist on strict compliance with these parameters, taking into account health obligations.
Thinking about environments dedicated to wellness, which interventions considered absolutely necessary and sustainable and which can be rather temporary?
For my part, I think these measures are temporary, although they may last another 6 months or a year. Hygiene and health safety have always been a priority in the SPA, which are considered by customers as structures dedicated to Wellness, therefore an almost "Clinical" environment. I believe that it is possible to continue using the visor and mask in face care long-term.
Finally, are you optimistic or pessimistic and why?
Wellness, aesthetics, individual service, private space and digital disconnection are a real trend for the future and I think that SPAs will continue to grow according to recent trends. !: current crisis is a health crisis, not of economic origin. As long as there is no therapeutic solution, we will have to adapt, the economy will be in sharp decline. When a solution is found, well-being will find its place.

Elisabetta Farneti