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From emergency to restart - interview with Jean Guy De Gabriac
Together we will start again
Elisabetta Farneti - 25/07/2020

TipTouch lnternational - Born in 2004 from / the international experience of Jean Guy de Gabriac. is a leading Spa consulting and training company in Europe.
What are the initiatives planned by your company today to start again in the best possible way?
In mid-March all international training was canceled following the closure of hotels and spas. So I thought about the added value that I can bring to the teams through consultancy: between April and May I published 2 online conferences, with international experts and ambassadors of the world wellness weekend, accessible for free, to allow thousands of Spa Managers to benefit from vouchers advice to rethink and reinvent your business. Since June, the new TipTouch website offers very original training modules ...
Are you thinking about new "Covid-19" products or new services?

Obviously! It is essential to offer treatments that respond to changing customer questions. The temptation to solve the problem by offering discounts is strong but it is a terrible mistake in terms of profitability. It is better to increase the value of the proposal with 75 or 90 minute "packages" in which the body, face, hands and feet are stimulated, relaxed and treated with quality products. At times like this, digitization of the customer's experience when it comes to getting information becomes essential, even for wellness centers. book, improve the experience, pre Check-in, follow-up with wellness tips and the proposal of new treatments. Today we need to think and act quickly, with short programs of 2 or 4 months.
Speaking of training, what is the aspect to focus on right now?
Professionals who continued to study and train during the quarantine have a huge advantage over others. Those who are more able to reassure, inform and inspire customers with practical advice to increase their vitality and serenity will certainly have schedules full of appointments. This is what TipTouch lnternational offers in distance learning modules. Our role is to continue to support the growth and profitability of SPAs and institutions. There are two main offers: 5.0.Plus; Superior & Signature Opérationnels Procedures which includes emotional intelligence and WOW effects to touch customers' emotions. Today more than ever, our role is not only to touch the skin to sanitize it, beautify it, tone it and touch the muscles to relax them ... our vocation is to touch the hearts and touch the minds to strengthen the relationship between people. Another essential point is the experience in the cabin with the per-efficient and per-sensory protocols to soothe the central nervous system, activate blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulate reflex points and energy meridians. These 75 and 90 minute protocols help strengthen the immune system and release pleasure hormones.
Finally, are you optimistic or pessimistic and why?
I am a realistic optimist. I believe that every difficult situation brings challenges that require creativity and innovation to overcome. The first half of 2020 is lost for anyone. better to show courage and reinvent ourselves. I encourage entrepreneurs and SPA Managers to participate in the World Wellness Weekend (in Italy and in over 100 countries) on 19/20 September. For information on how to participate in the WWW for free and take advantage of good media visibility, I recommend that you consult

Elisabetta Farneti