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From emergency to restart - interview with Régis Boudon
Together we will start again
Elisabetta Farneti - 20/07/2020

bbspa & partners - An innovative 360 ​​° managerial consultancy company that expertly doses creativity and rationality, embracing the entire consulting sector in the Wellness & SPA sector.

What are the initiatives designed by your company to start again in the best possible way?
We have never totally stopped the activity, using the obligatory "stand by" to analyze the activities and projects that we had in the pipeline, in light of the entry of the Covid-19 onto our lives. I do not hide that it was a "roller coaster" job, comparing ourselves daily with the news that came from Italy and the world. Working with my team I have come to make important decisions that we will put into play. The most important is the continuation of the bbspa_Ateliers project, our new "Headquarters", where we will concentrate our Consulting, R&D activities. Marketing, Training and where we will open the first interactive SPA showroom in which to "get to know & live" the most significant technologies of ours and our partners, live and online.
Are you thinking about new "Covid - 19" products or new services?
Having always been projected towards the future, this foresight has meant that even before Covid-19 they worked for the development of products and services that are topical today, I mention two: AQUAMOTUS. a 100% hands-free technology device, which allows 16 types of water massage. fully automated and usable by customers in self-service fashion. Developed in collaboration with Aquaform, our partners for all "shower" systems, it has been marketed since June and is part of the services grouped under our brand bbspa_tech. Technology for which we will ensure the formation of the Spa teams, both in the bbspa_Ateliers and online. L.:altra will be "bbspa_training": an on-I training calendar for SPA operators and managers, not spot training, but in-depth training. continues with a six-monthly calendar with "Grape" courses, and interaction of the participants, or "on demande" courses to be followed comfortably, to compose a personalized training plan to subscribe to.
Speaking of training, what is the aspect to focus on right now?
We strongly believe in the continuous training of Operators & Managers. training that must touch all the issues that contribute to having an adequately prepared and motivated team. To do this we work together with our partners. Very important topic is workplace safety. We have developed a collaboration with one of our partners. specialist in the field, who will share his know-how with us for SPA-specific training specifically at work.
Thinking instead about the Wellness environments, which interventions do you consider absolutely necessary and lasting and which ones may be emergency?
Certainly all aspects relating to hygiene and safety at work within the SPA will definitely become part of the management systems; some were already but others, unfortunately, were overlooked. The other aspect is the identity of the SPA, many do not have it because they are satisfied in the design and management of making "photocopies" of projects already carried out. Now more than before we will have very demanding customers, therefore it will be necessary to aim for their loyalty. Do you know that in the majority the spas have only a 20% of cl the trusted institutions? What is the remedy? Become "unique" in the eyes of customers by focusing on a strong identity and concept. This is achieved by working on two fronts: hardware, with the introduction of "made to measure" equipment / environments, and software or treatment team training protocols for an unrepeatable experience elsewhere. Only if the SPA is "UNIQUE" and not interchangeable. it will be profitable for its investors & managers.
Finally, are you optimistic or pessimistic and why?
Absolutely optimistic. I think that. as happened with the crisis of 2008/9 where there was an effect of "democratization" of the SPA. bringing them out of the golden cage of luxury and making them democratic and "common use". Now we will see a further acceleration of this change and an integration, in everyday life. of many activities related to Wellness, which will become an integral part of "Living Well ·, An essential goal for every one of us, especially now that we have experienced the fragility of life on our skin.

Elisabetta Farneti