SPA and Wellness Centers
Of great tendency, the SPA Suites are real private wellness centers in exclusive use within their own room in the hotel, in the SPA area or at home.
Elisabetta Farneti - 20/06/2019

SUITE SPA and SPA SUITE where the difference lies
First of all, let's clarify the difference between SPA SUITE and SPA SUITE. To simplify, the SUITE SPA is part of an accommodation facility and is a hotel room or suite that has an important Wellness / SPA area, where you can stay for 1 or more days. The SPA SUITES, on the other hand, are inside SPAs, Day Spas or Hotels and are reserved spaces, completely dedicated to wellness, to be booked for a period of time that can vary from 2 to four hours, where it is not provided, to the internal, overnight area.

Wellness Trends
Today the trend-setting SPAs, which meet the real needs of visitors, are based on two themes: SOCIAL and Private SPA. The SOCIAL environment responds to the desire to attend wellness centers that are also a meeting place, where you can dedicate yourself to taking care of yourself and share the experience with other people, meet, get to know, have fun.
The request for Private SPA comes from a public that wishes to concentrate the SPA experience in a reserved space, designed for couples or small groups of people.
The refinement of the environments, technological innovation, "signature" treatments, comfort are essential elements for an attentive and demanding public and for a new concept of relaxation.

Accurate projects and technology
Private SPA rooms are exclusive, comfortable, able to offer a unique experience of well-being and intimacy. In a Hotel it means that to move from the bed to the wellness area we will no longer have to change and leave the room: the SPA is within it, with the utmost freedom, privacy and intimacy. Environments ranging from 30 to 100 square meters. which represent a concentration of technology and careful planning. There are many aspects to consider when deciding to set up this type of SPA and vary according to the type of environment: Suite SPA in the hotel, in the wellness center, at home. In each of these cases it is necessary to decide what to insert, which technology to use, to optimize the paths of use and to design the environment while also respecting the set budget. Needless to say, we must rely on experts able to optimize investments and offer the best that the market offers in terms of solutions and materials.

Privacy and wellness
Suite SPA and SPA Suite are therefore perfect for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, anniversaries and special occasions or to allow yourself time in absolute privacy. How is the wellness area organized? It must be equipped with different environments: the treatment area, a humid / warm environment (sauna, turkish bath, etc.), sensory showers with chromotherapy, hot tub, relaxation area with herbal tea room. The setting, the study of spaces and the harmony with the surrounding landscape are also important. Access to the Private SPA can be direct, to ensure maximum privacy, or through the entrance of the SPA area, passing through the reception. A choice dictated by the type of customers to whom one turns.

How to manage the SPA Suites
When the SPA Suite is inside a wellness or spa center, the client will pay for the use in relation to the space / size of his private SPA and of the time spent there. Additional services: massages, beauty treatments, use of particulate equipment, will be additional costs. The case of Suite in hotel is different, where the cost of the room already includes the use of the SPA inside it. The supplement services for massages, treatments, etc. applies also in this case.

Elisabetta Farneti