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Investing in staff training and motivation is increasingly important for wellness centers and spas. A choice that rewards with results in terms of revenue and customer loyalty.
Elisabetta Farneti - 04/06/2019

Training in the SPA world

The same collaborators, in this case beauticians, operators, receptionists, SPA managers, therapists, masseuses, etc. more than ever, they are aware of the importance of continuous training. In the area of SPA and wellness centers, the desire is often aimed at training needs capable of expanding the knowledge base quickly, flexibly and above all in line with the changes that are characterizing the reference market.

In Italy the number of companies that choose to invest in this area is increasing, however the distance compared to other European countries remains substantial. The training offer must reflect the changes taking place and provide operators with adaptability, problem solving, technological skills, ability to work in teams to achieve economic and professional growth objectives.

Why invest in training?

• Customers are increasingly looking for excellence and moments of escape / relaxation

• Be aware of this and prepare to provide adequate services

• Because it is necessary to maintain high standards in terms of technology use, customer involvement, product presentation

What are the new training proposals for SPAs?

We asked Gabriella Francia, from bbspa & partners, an expert in wellness training.

"It is important to always refer to new organizational models and to use staff training as a potential resource to respond to the "new realities" of the sector market. In the wellness world too, investing in training means acquiring new models of business structures, human resource management, relations with the outside and with the customer. I believe - specifies Gabriella Francia - that today and in the future, training must be modeled on the basis of emerging needs. It is therefore necessary that the training offer undergoes a change, becoming able to calibrate the intervention based on the real and specific training needs of each individual reality".

The most popular courses

The ones we are managing most successfully today are:

• Sales techniques

• Knowledge of the products

• Knowledge of the Customer

• Knowledge of presentation techniques

The key concepts that characterize each course are: attention, communication, product (how to best manage it) and focus on words that reinforce what we intend to convey to the customer.

The ideal training

It must be managed by professors who have a consolidated experience in the sector, capable of transmitting concepts that are not generic but based on the specificity of the context. Therefore courses strongly oriented to practicality, to concrete and measurable objectives. In addition, the consultancy must continue even after completing the training session to make the concepts learned more efficient.

Gabriella Francia

Expert in Research and Development for wellness treatments and technologies, with specific experiences in creating menus and SPA protocols. She works as a trainer, SPA Trainer, SPA Manager and SPA Director for the most renowned SPAs.

Signature" massages - idea and training

Recently Gabriella, responding to the requests of many SPAs, has formulated a series of protocols to create "Signature" Massages (a massage created exclusively for the structure, which enhances the peculiarities of the SPA and its team). The intervention, in addition to designing and composing all the specifics of the exclusive massage, trains the staff on this offer (execution, products, proposal to the client, motivation).

For further information contact bbspa&partners who will coordinate their staff to analyze the specific needs of your SPA.


Elisabetta Farneti