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World Wellness Weekend 2019
Also in 2019 W3 will take place as a global Wellness event. On September 21st and 22nd over 2,000 facilities, in more than 100 countries, will open their doors with fun, creative and free activities to capture media attention and attract new customers.
Elisabetta Farneti - 30/04/2019

Why World Wellness Weekend?

When people move, run, dance and have fun, they increase the flow of serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin into the veins. Combining FUN & PREVENTION encourages people to be more active. When we take ownership of the principles keys of well-being and train regularly, it change the chemistry of our body, we experience a new lifestyle that make us live in health and happiness, for as long as possible. Attending places of well-being, such as spas, yoga centers, fitness clubs, where vibrant atmospheres live, with exciting lessons and knowledgeable and competent staff, not only involves people, motivating them to frequent these places more often, but in turn encouraging friends to join them in getting wellbeing, engaging in a healthier and fun lifestyle.

Who, How, Where

On 21st and 22nd September each participating structure will open its doors to the public (customers, tourists, bloggers, influencers). To be involved are hotel chains, spas, spa operators, gyms, yoga/pilates studios, dance schools, sports associations, etc.

Each structure will organize one or more free activities able to attract, engage and entertain the public, bringing it closer to the concept of wellness. The philosophy of W³ World Wellness Weekend is to promote the creativity of the centers, raising the level of services with fun offers to move, relax, eat and sleep.

What to organize in your SPA or Wellness Area

Every center that adheres to World Wellness Weekend will prepare stimulating, original, creative activities to show off its expertise and communicate passion for beauty and well-being. In addition to this free activity, each facility will take the opportunity to promote certain services at a particular discount rate and offer packages of products at special prices reserved for the World Wellness Weekend. A great opportunity to mobilize and win new customers by meeting them and making them want to come back, with activities run by wellness enthusiasts (naturopathy, nutrition, relaxation therapy, Ayurveda, Chinese energy ...) that will serve to convey a new concept of "feel good". It is also about creating, together with other partner companies, a rich and varied wellness offer to attract many participants on the weekend dedicated to Wellness.

World event and local creativity in the service of well-being

One of the goals is to remind people that while health is a relationship between one's body and a doctor, well-being is a responsible relationship between our body/mind and ourselves. The public today seeks a "cure" that becomes "time for themselves" where the benefits are visible, personalized treatments, innovative, stimulating and highly competent staff.

Marketing projects for each participant

W3 wants to create a media wave that enhances every structure that participate to the World Wellness Weekend. On a practical level, the structures are visible and connected through the multilingual (English, French, Italian, early in Spanish and German) World Wellness Weekend website, where you can register online in just 3 minutes. Once registered, the structure appears on the World Wellness map and on the search engine "near you", which will become increasingly popular, with the aim of bringing together over 2,000 facilities in 2019 in over 100 countries. The realities that have already joined have understood that World Wellness Weekend is an opportunity for wellness professionals to reach men and women who usually do not frequent places of well-being.


Contacts World: Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Contacts Italy: Régis BOUDON-DORIS - e-mail for structures:

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Join the 2019 Wellness Team!

Doing it is simple: just register for free on and become part of the World Wellness Map, a privileged showcase to be known all over the world. In fact, each facility is given the opportunity not only to describe the activities offered during the two days of World Wellness Weekend, but also to highlight special offers and packages throughout the year. SPAs, beauty centers, gyms and anyone who favors wellness activities can give vent to their creativity in this context, to promote entertaining moments and to fascinate visitors.

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Elisabetta Farneti