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The future of Wellness
The Global Wellness Summit, an exclusive international event, took place for the first time in Italy. Meet the top leaders and experts in the welfare economy worth over $ 4 million.
Elisabetta Farneti - 20/11/2018

Exceptional speakers
Every year world leaders and wellness experts are called to create a high-level dialogue on the future of well-being. This year there were over 600 delegates from 82 countries. Over 50 speakers were involved in work sessions and discussions on the main topics of Wellenss Business. Also participating were Antonio Citterio, award-winning Italian architect / designer, Andrea Illy, president of Illycaffè and of the Ernesto Illy Foundation, sponsor of the World Happiness Report 2018-2020. Also present was Ranieri Guerra, of the World Health Organization, who works in close contact with the WHO Director General on strategic initiatives related to Prevention. Alberta Ferretti, stylist, spoke about the growing impact of themes related to wellness lifestyle in the fashion industry. Also invited by Dan Buettner, author of the American best-seller "Blue Zones" focused on the areas of the world where the population is the longest, Rocco Forte, a reference figure for the international hotel industry, and Richard Carmona, former " Surgeon General "of the United States of America.

10 key sectors of the Wellness economy
Presentations, workshops and discussions have examined the 10 sectors of the welfare economy, which in its entirety is worth over 4 million dollars and which involves a very wide audience:
Fitness, health, sport, cosmetics, spas, wellness tourism, supply, preventive / personalized medicine, well-being at work, real estate sector.
Some data on world wellness
The Global Wellness Economy Monitor was also presented, a research on data on the rapidly growing wellness economy worldwide (+ 9.8% in the last two years). From 2015 to 2017, the wellness economy grew by 6.4% a year, almost double compared to global economic growth (+ 3.6%). Total consumption in wellness ($ 4.2 trillion) globally exceeds half of total health expenditure ($ 7.3 trillion). The overall wellness sector accounts for 5.3% of the world economy.
Data in Italy
As for Italy, the data show that the Italian SPA market has grown by about a third in the three-year period 2015-2017. Italy is also the fifth world in the spa market and is positioned at 7th place for programs dedicated to wellbeing in the workplace. The wellness tourism sector is growing, worth over € 500 billion worldwide, € 182 billion at European level and almost € 12 billion for Italy. The new trend of the wellness real estate - residential complexes or houses that contain wellness elements in the design, materials or collateral services - which today is worth 116 billion euros globally is developing strongly. The corporate wellness sector - workplace wellbeing programs - which is worth 41 billion globally is also growing in Italy, but with great potential for further growth.
"Shaping the wellness business"
This is the title of the Global Wellness Summit 2018. The founder of Technogym, Nerio Alessandri, also spoke. "We are people who believe in a social mission - said Alessandri - People were born to move in. Today we risk dying too much rest We need to put people back in the middle We have to go back to basics We are excited to host at Technogym Village the international leaders who will take part in the Summit, with whom we share our commitment to helping people all over the world to live better and longer.Well on the go, wellness at your fingertips, accessible at all times of life, of the day Technogym has always believed in a system, not in a product.It is necessary to rethink a new business model: health is a treasure for everyone ".

The event saw preparations for W3 2019 take off.
The SPA Wellness World 2018 took part in SPAs in 88 countries and participated 1 million and a half users.

The founder and founder of the W3 (World Wellness Weekend) was also present at the Global Wellness Summit, which for the occasion gathered all the ambassadors who represent the W3 in the world. An important and necessary meeting to start the entire organization of the World Wellness Weekend 2019, taking into account the great success that the initiative has received worldwide in 2018, with the participation of SPAs from 88 countries and 1.5 million users involved . Record numbers!

Elisabetta Farneti