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New emotional showers
Today this type of wellness treatment has reached high levels of technology that amplify its effectiveness and pleasantness, guaranteeing maximum profits for the SPA
Elisabetta Farneti - 24/05/2018

As we have already pointed out several times, water is a precious element for life and well-being. Immersing yourself in water was once a symbolic way to purify the spirit. Today, water also means relaxation: it has therefore taken on a value that is more "physical" than spiritual, because its benefits are many, both at a corporeal and mental level. Who does not want to be in a bathrobe, in a wellness center, to enjoy a well-deserved moment of pampering? In addition to a hot tub, sauna and steam bath, one of the most popular treatments is the emotional shower.


Everything starts from Vichy

The Vichy, also known as Evian shower, was born in France. The name derives from the Latin affusion, meaning "pour and spread" which in itself describes the function of the shower, that is, the fall of water from above and massage on the body. This treatment, over a century and a half years old, was invented to create a new way of delivering water, then later seawater was used for Thalassotherapy. Later, no particular innovations were introduced.


Treatment re-experienced by "Be a Business spa"

The company "Be a Business spa", after having long used the affusion showers in its experience of managing SPA, spas and thalassotherapy centers, was able to evaluate the benefits and potential, but also the limited compliance with the real needs of the more modern SPAs and the wishes of their customers. This is how a project was born which, through a research and development path that lasted 4 years, has allowed us to develop the affusion shower 4.0. Combining experience, innovation and design "Be a Business spa" has created new spaces of well-being: a high-tech equipment was born, able to replicate and enhance, through water, the manual skills and benefits of a treatment done by a expert masseur, always guaranteeing the highest level of performance. A technology that brings the experience of massage in a SPA into a new dimension.


Revolutionary water massage

The affusion shower 4.0 revolutionizes the Vichy shower concept through the electronic management of its 1200 water points. And the horizontal shower that delivers water massages in an innovative, engaging and effective way, for customers constantly looking for effective treatments, regenerating, no-stress, no-age, allowing you to achieve authentic and profound well-being.


How is the affusion shower 4.0?

Suspended above a specially designed massage bed, it consists of three stainless steel modules, framed in Corian. Its 1200 water points are grouped into 50 modules of massaging jets all electronically controlled to manage each module with extreme precision: the dispensing time, the temperature and the jet pressure and its synergy with the chromotherapy. To simulate pressures, movements and sensations of the massage and to be suitable for the various parts of the body there are 14 rain jets, 16 tropical jets, 18 sprayed jets, 1 waterfall jet, 1 aerated jet. All controlled via a color touch screen keyboard.


Sequence of water jets

The jets of water reproduce with maximum precision the dexterity of the massage, transporting the mind in a new perception of wellbeing never experienced before. The 16 programs already set for 10'- 20'- 30'- 40 'allow you to carry out innumerable types of massages, without the aid of an operator, from the relaxing to the energizing, including or not the face and head treatment. It is also possible to combine pre-set programs with manual massage sequences to create tailor-made treatments.


Wellness technology

The high engineering of the 4.0 affusion shower has enabled:

  • ergonomically position the 50 jets respecting the anatomy of the human body; 
  • choose the exact type of casting according to the part of the body to be treated;
  • program the sequence of the jets replicating the wide variety of techniques and sequences of manual massages and repeating rhythm, sequence movements and effectiveness; 
  • make sure that technology and materials can be used without contraindications with normal water, thermal water and sea water.


The profits of the SPAs increase

The affusion shower 4.0 is suitable for all types of SPA: spa, luxury, low cost, business hotel, home SPA, beach club, up to the gym and the yacth, because it is usable both in self-service mode and combined with 'extreme professionalism of the most experienced massage therapists, always and everywhere guaranteeing a high quality wellness service. The possibility of using the 4.0 affusion shower without the intervention of the operator is a very important "plus" because it allows to guarantee the profitability of the SPA by drastically lowering the management costs. In a business hotel, for example, the customer can use the affusion shower 4.0 to relax after work commitments or to counter the jet-lag effect, charging everything on the card of his room and paying at check-out.



New emotional showers coming soon

emotional showers use water to give wellness: awaken our senses, stimulating our emotional and physical responses. They are characterized by a cycle of water jets varying in intensity, from the mist to the rain to the modulated jets, emanating different colors in the atmosphere as well as aromas that are released gently. All this should encompass the body and relax the mind, dissolve physical and mental tensions and experience become regenerating. 

Why do we talk to the conditional? 

Because if there are many expectations, the results are often far from satisfying them ...... 

For this reason "Be a Business spa" thanks to the same technology of the affusion shower 4.0, but in the vertical version, intends to revolutionize all the showers that often have well little sense or emotional.


  • The first version will be the vertical declination of the affusion shower 4.0: the client, on his feet, will receive 4 types of massage between energetic, relaxing or no-stress. From a 60x60 gargoyle placed above the head, rain jets, tropical jets, nebulized jets, aerated jets will start, with a modulated and programmed control of the functioning of each single jet (pressure, temperature, intensity, in addition to the combination with sources of color intense, for a real chromotherapeutic bath).


  • The second emotional shower under construction, on the other hand, provides lateral jets: the client will receive the treatment while standing, while the jets of water massage it sideways, surrounding it, for an embrace of water and well-being.


  • The third version will instead combine the vertical emotional shower with the lateral one, for a real health and pleasant bath.

Also for these emotional showers it is expected to be used in "self-service" mode with a view to greater profitability for the SPA.

With the patented 4.0 "Be a Business spa" affusion shower technology, the company wants to make the water increasingly protagonist of the Spa, to the benefit of the customer but also to optimize the management and profitability of the SPA.


Elisabetta Farneti