SPA and Wellness Centers
What color do you feel like today?
Starpool braccialetto blu

Red, yellow, green or blue? Have you ever thought of personalizing your wellness treatment? At the end of the day, each of us has our own needs when it comes to wellness: there are those who go to the spa to regain energy, those who wish to purify, those who want to tone, and those who want complete relaxation.  There is nothing more simple for those who choose or are lucky enough to happen upon a Starpool spa equipped with the sp.a_system method. Besides providing you with the instructions for the correct use of the spa, sp.a_system is able to transform a simple spa treatment into a personalized experience. Let’s see how it works. After choosing your very own wellness treatment, with the help of the spa staff and inspired by the corresponding colors – Red EXCITE, Yellow PURIFY, Green TONIC, Blu RELAX –, you will receive a handy bracelet which will indicate in a fun and intuitive way which equipment to use, the correct order and the exact time of use in order to reach your specific wellness goals. Furthermore, you will find support signals on all the equipment in the spa along with useful instructions for use, safety, and hygiene.

Do you want to gain with new energy or need a burst of vitality? Choose the EXCITE treatment – Red.

You will begin with the more contained temperatures of the steam bath and finish with the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna: an increase that, combined with the right cold reactions, makes up a unique exercise of vasodilatation and vasoconstriction which helps you regain vital strength, thanks to a stronger heartbeat.

Do you take care of your physical appearance and wish to rid yourself of impurities in order to feel regenerated and purified?

Follow the color yellow for the PURIFY treatment which entails being exposed to the high temperatures of the sauna twice. The sweat caused by the intensity of the heat frees the body of impurities thanks to the oxygenation of the skin. During the sauna, in fact, the need for oxygen increases, accelerating lung activity and favoring the elimination of impurities.

Do you want to feel more toned and strong?

Have fun with the TONIC treatment – Green.

Its characteristic is the strong alternation between humid-moderate heat to sudden bursts of cold for contrast. The hot-humid settings, such as the steam baths, favor the process of toxin drainage through perspiration and the dilation of pores, the body frees itself of waste, making tissue more compact and toned.

Are you looking for an efficient way to escape stress and tension?

Try the RELAX treatment – Blue.

Perfect for taking back your own time and your physical and mental balance. It begins with the intense and dry heat of the sauna, to then move on to more delicate temperatures where the heat, due to the radiation, recalls the ancient rituals of the Roman hot springs. This slow and gradual decrease in temperature, combined with the right contrasting cold reactions, helps to relax contracted muscles and donate a strong sense of psycho-physical relaxation.

And to end with beauty, here is also the first cosmetic product for the spa: a complete kit for self-treatment to be used during the wellness experience. Grain scrub, sponge glove and aromatic water strictly following the various themes: RELAX, EXCITE, PURIFY, TONIC, and RELAX, with mellow textures and scents.