YouSPA Team

 Be A Business SPA
A management consultancy company that has been present in the wellbeing and SPA sector since 1990. The company boats 20 years of full immersion in the industry, working side by side with entrpreneurs to guarantee maximum return on investment with costant personal support throughout, from concept to management.

 Visuale Associati
Visuale Associati, is a communication and marketing agency that has been operating in Milan since 1985. This studio, with excellent design capabilities, translates company strategies into communication events and marketing campaigns. Together with company communication the studio also takes care editorial design for the press, books, house organs and health industry editorials.

 Digital Magics
Digital Magics is a venture incubator: it founds, builds and supports Digital Startup. lt begins from the talents and ideas, transforming them into disruptive and successful business well integrated in the italian and international Digital Economy. The incubator promotes the culture of entrepreneurship and risk, contributing to economic growth and to young people's employment. Digital Magics offers services to support innovation, the birth and development of innovative startups, and supports them in the research of new private and public, italian and international, investors, funding the next phases of development.

 Shiroi Studio
Shiroi Studio - from Japanese "white" - is a young digital agency with a very clear vision: to design and achieve clean and friendly interfaces.
The agency designs and develops websites, App for iOs and every type of Digital project, paying great attention to details in the many phases of the creative process: from the design of the User Experience to the graphic realization, from technical development to the opdmization of resources.